Teaching Experience & Organisational Skills


- Leiden University (2014) Course on "Japanese Film"

- Leiden University (2009) Course on "Identity in Japanese Literature and Film" and (2008) Course on “Nationality and Identity: Foreigners and Foreign Countries in Modern Japanese Literature and Cinema”

- Ghent University (2003-2004) As associate professor I was in charge of all Japan-related subjects (language, history, society, cultural history, …) in the department of Eastern Languages & Cultures.

- Hogeschool Gent (previously Mercator Hogeschool) (1993-2003) For more than ten years I lectured Japanese language courses (basic to advanced level), as well as courses on Japanese society and culture in the "M.A. in Japanese Studies" program, for which I also acted as coordinator.

- Leiden University (2006/2007) I prepared the students of the JPP (Japan Prizewinners Programme) for their traineeships in Japan.

- Leuven University (1998/2005/2006) I taught courses on media and popular culture (Satsuma Chair), and on "Nationalism in Japanese Film and Literature".

- Evening Japanese language courses at the language centre of VUB Free University Brussels (1993)

- Several private Japanese language courses for individuals and companies (including Mazda Motor Europe).

- Numerous guest-lectures at universities (Oxford, Copenhagen, Leiden, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Bucharest...) and other institutions/ conferences/ events (Embassy of Japan, Nippon Connection, ...), as well as paper presentations at EAJS (European Association of Japanese Studies), ICAS (International Convention of Asia Scholars), Kinema Club, etc. (see attached CV for complete list).


- From 1993 till 2003 I was coordinator of the "M.A. in Japanese Studies" program at Mercator Hogeschool (currently Hogeschool Gent). This program was newly established in 1993, and, in collaboration with the head of the school, I set up the curriculum and attracted international specialists as guest lecturers. I was also in charge of arranging traineeships for the students with Japanese companies or organisations, both in Japan and Europe.

- During my period as visiting professor at Ghent University (2003-2004), I took over responsibility for all Japan-related courses from the professor on sudden sick leave, and was in charge of organisational aspects of the program as well.