The J-com Collective

First established in 1994, J-com nowadays is a loose collective of translators, interpreters, language instructors and other professionals performing a Japan-related service. This means we have a network of Japan specialists in a wide variety of areas. The founders and main collaborators have a personal page on this site, but we can introduce you to plenty of people with other specific skills and specialisations. Just contact us.

Which Services?

  • Translation: Japanese-English, Japanese-French, Japanese-Dutch. All our translations are done and proofread by people with native ability.
  • Interpreting: We are based in Belgium, but our network also contains people in Japan and other parts of the world.
  • Language courses: Daily conversation or business, intensive or leisure, depending on your budget and needs, we can provide instructors with a PhD and years of teaching experience at university level, native Japanese speakers, or young university graduates still learning the ropes. Their rates of course vary in accordance with their competence.
  • Other courses: Would you like to acquire Japanese literary or technical translation skills, find out more about Japanese website design and other computer-related technology, or are you looking for any other kind of Japan-related educational course? Just contact us, and we will gladly try to oblige.
  • Japanese website design and other computer-related technology: Do you want to have your website translated into Japanese, and, more importantly, adjusted to the Japanese market? We'll do it for you.
  • Consulting: Are you interested in doing business in Japan? Do you want to know about certain legal conditions? We can advise you or introduce you to specialists in the field.
  • Film, TV and Media: We have special expertise in film & television co-production and coordination, including location hunting, treatment writing, script consulting, interpretation (during pre-and post-production or on the set), subtitling, even bilingual acting. We can put you in touch with local production and distribution companies, directors, (bilingual) actors/actresses, and provide information on government regulations, etc.

Rates and Prices

Different jobs require different specialists. Different specialists have different rates.
However, since we do not charge you the kind of commission agencies do, our rates are always competitive.

Just contact us, and we will give you a prompt estimate for your specific project. We offer significant reductions for large volumes, long term interpreting, regular clients, non-profit organisations, a.o.

Want to register?

We are always interested in getting to know people who can provide specific Japan-related services. If you are such a person and would like to register, simply add your profile and we'll get in touch with you.